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BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch

BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch

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I had breast augmentation 10 years ago and my boobs were always saggy and deflated. My husband always told me that they looked like two watermelons, but I felt insecure  about the way they looked.  After I started using this BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification  Plasters Patch, my husband said he couldn’t even recognize me because my breasts had improved so much!  Now, every time we socialize with friends together, they would ask what kind of bra I’m wearing and how it's possible for me  to have such perky breasts! Thank you so much for this product!
Jean Marshall, 35, Glendale, Arizona
This product works very well. As someone who is an herbalist & someone who studies holistic health I am impressed by these not because I didn’t think they would work but, the fact they worked so good! I noticed that my metabolism is faster and my fats are shedding off and this is a good sign as it also gave me a chest lift. An added bonus let me just say that the body will release toxins from ANYWHERE! It helps in my overall wellness.
Heather Johnson, 40, Orlando, Florida
I couldn't get out of bed all day, and my doctor said that I probably had the flu. The next day, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. And then my lymph nodes started swelling up particularly in the neck area. I didn't know what to do, so I bought these patches and put them on my swollen lymph nodes. Within minutes, the swelling slowly went down. Now, whenever my lymph nodes swell up after working out or doing yard work, I just put some of this  BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch on them and they go back down to normal size!
Mercy Allister, 44, Austin, Texas

What is a Lymph?

Lymph is your body's liquid trash can, to put it mildly. It picks up waste products formed from all the chemical reactions needed to keep you alive, ushering them out of your body. As lymph makes its way to the collection centers (nodes) the vessels carrying it merge. Then they become part of a more extensive, denser network of vessels that eventually morph into lymphatic ducts. This is just like small streams emptying into larger ones and finally winding up in a river. Then the ducts deposit lymph into veins for its last hurrah until its final exit through your bladder, bowel, and sweat.

What is a Lymph Node? How does the Lymphatic System Work?

Lymph nodes serve as checkpoints for mostly dead or dying immune cells that have already done their job fighting infection or are in the heat of doing soIt plays a role against pathogenic infection. It traps bacteria and other harmful foreign agents before they could infect healthy cells or inflict damage to other body parts. Lymph nodes are commonly found under your chin, armpits, and groin. Infection in the lymph nodes causes these parts to swell.

Ignored and underrated by medicine and science for far too long, your lymphatic system is now known to have several critically essential roles to play in keeping you healthy. Researchers exploring this “white blood” discovered that it absorbs lipids (fatty substances) and fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D and E) from your GI tract and sends them off on their merry way into your bloodstream and beyond (to your cells) then detoxifies against microbes and other toxic substances and returns some excess protein molecules and fluid back to circulation.

What causes breast pain & sagging breasts?

Breast pain (mastalgia) can be described as tenderness, throbbing, sharp, stabbing, burning pain or tightness in the breast tissue. The pain may be constant or it may occur only occasionally, and it can occur in men, women and transgender people.

Breast pain is not always related to an underlying condition. It may be caused by:

  • Injury
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Before or during menstruation
  • Undersized bra
  • Excessive exercise

Why is my breast sagging?

Sagging of the breasts is a very common condition. The breasts, like other parts of your body, will change over time. Your breasts might seem to sit lower on the chest, the nipple may point downwards, and the top of the breast may not be as full as it was. Leaving most women with lower self-confidence and low self esteem.

As you age, the tissue and structure of your breasts begin to change. This is due to differences in your reproductive hormone levels caused by the natural process of aging. As a result of these changes, your breasts begin to lose their firmness and fullness. Years of gravitational pull takes its toll, especially on women with larger breasts. Aging: As a woman gets older, the ligaments that make up the breast tissue stretch and lose elasticity. 

That’s why we created this BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification  Plasters Patch:

If your lymph is blocked, you need to remedy the situation fast and get the lymph flowing again, so it'll carry the toxins right out of your body. If not, permanent swelling could be in your future. Worse, secondary complications like chronic wounds or ulcers may rear their ugly heads.

Fortunately, we formulated this product which you can use now and every day to keep your lymph draining well and prevent lymph clogs head on.The best thing about these patches? It is all natural.

Based on the study of Dr. Murphy of the Ohio Research Institute, Breast patches increase blood circulation and oxygen supply. The enhancement of the breasts through the use of patches is loaded with powerful grade herbal ingredients that help blood flow and draw nutrients into the breast tissue. The BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch provides positive effect on hormone production and PH balance of cells

How does the BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch work?

The BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch provides a safe and effective way to enhance  the look  of your breast by helping them to retain  the firmness, creating perfect looking breast  and feminine curves. It is definitely made  with all natural ingredients, this means that not only it is safe to use but it has also been tested  by experts who have given their approval for its use. It has been clinically proven to work by improving blood flow circulation, cell regeneration, hormone enhancement and providing skin with moisture for regaining elasticity and firmness. It has also been shown  to produce results in just days rather than months like other products do! 

What makes the BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch so effective?

  • Help your skin  to retain moisture and elasticity , which helps prevent sagging  and stretch marks, uneven skin tone and scars
  • Aids in lymphatic drainage
  • Initializes the production of breasts cells, enhances tissue mass, creating perfect looking breasts
  • Provides extreme whitening and moisturizing effect, supplementing nutrients and hydration to restore the skin's elasticity
  • Improves the overall complexion, reduces epidermal cell oxidation, and restores pink and smooth areola.
  • Stimulate growth  within your body’s  natural processes  by increasing blood flow  throughout your entire system

What makes the BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch be your great choice?

  • Firmed and toned breast in a short time
  • Prevents aging
  • Safe and gentle to use
  • Naturally formulated 
  • Quick, Safe and Satisfying Results
  • Easy to Use
  • Travel Friendly 

Kendra Griffin showed these photos of her breast transformation journey with the help of the  BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch:

Week 1
After the first week of using this BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch, I noticed a marked difference in the size of and shape of my breasts. The nipples have become more prominent and my breasts have become a little fuller. I also like that it does not irritate my nipples and the entire surface of my boobs. I am a bit excited to see more lifting in the coming days.
Week 4
At this point, I have felt a significant  change in the size  and shape of my breasts. They have become fuller and way firmer than before.  I started to see some definition in my cleavage. I felt more confident and at ease  with who I was as a person. My husband is a bit delighted and thought that I did a breast augmentation. These patches are really something.
Week 8
After eight weeks,  there's no denying!  I have beautiful  voluptuous  curves! My breasts have grown into substantial  mounds of flesh  that are just  begging for attention. They really look good and natural  in those sexy outfits! I am glad I found these patches and didn’t have to undergo surgical enhancements. I highly recommend this for women who are flat chested or have saggy breasts. Probably the best solution there is!
Kendra Griffin, 38, Baltimore, Maryland

Usage Directions:

  • Wash the surface of your breast or the area concern
  • Peel off the patch 
  • Place it neatly on the area concern
  • Use it regularly for best results


  • Ingredients: Phellodendron Amurense, White fresh skin, Angelica Dahurica, Wormwood, Chinese Bellflower, Rhubarb, Fritillaria Thunbergii, Forsythia Suspensa, Angelica Chinses, Mirabilite, Borneol

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x BreastyCare Herbal Breast Enhancement Lymphvity Detoxification Plasters Patch (6 Patches / Box)

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